Rajni Basumatary is a film maker who writes her scripts and produces them. Along the journey her talent as an actress has come to the fore as well. She belongs to the Bodo community of Assam State in North East India. She strongly believes that culture and creativity can engender social change in communities!

About Rajni Basumatary

Rajni wrote, directed and co-produced a highly acclaimed feature film, “Raag, the rhythm of love…” in 2014. Her first film as a script writer and producer, "Anuraag" had received several Assam State Film Awards in 2007.

The 2019 film, “Jwlwi - The Seed” has been written, directed, produced by her. She has also acted as the lead protagonist in the film.

Rajni's recent acting experience in successful Indian films include roles in “Mary Kom” (2014), “Shaukeens” (2014), and “III Smoking Barrels” (2018).

Rajni also, under her banner Manna Film, makes corporate documentaries in development sector.

With a degree in Assamese Literature from Guwahati University, Rajni was a regular contributor to several English language dailies including The Assam Tribune, The Sentinel, The North East Times and some Assamese dailies and periodicals in the 1990s.

She has been active in cultural fields since her school days and has also been involved in various pro-humanitarian projects among victims of ethnic violence and natural calamities primarily in Assam and Kashmir.